Cyprus Akamas Peninsula - walks out to Cape Akamas visiting beautiful beaches.

The area covered is around the Akamas Peninsula in Cyprus. Generally speaking we think you do need a hire-car to get to the start point in order to have enough time to enjoy the fairly long and in some cases quite difficult/strenuous walk and then still be able to get some time in on one of Cyprus's nice beaches when the walk is finished.
This goes from the Baths of Aphrodite out to Cape Arnaoutis (Akamas) - it involves a long climb to the top ridge at halfway before a descent back to the Baths - walking distance is 20kms.

Akamas Peninsula Walk on Cyprus visiting Cape Akamas, rugged coastlines and beaches.

This fairly strenuous walk is mostly on tracks and starts at the Baths of Aphrodite car park. We consider it to be strenuous because of the distance to be walked as well as the long steep climb and descent - also underfoot the surface is often very rocky and can be slippery due to the scree. This should really be walked in decent boots rather than flip-flops or light footwear - and remember to take plenty of water since there are no facilities on the entire walk.
From the car park pass the kiosk on the left - the tarmac surface soon becomes a very dusty dirt road which climbs slightly to start with then twists left by a sign "To Fontana Amorosa". Continue along now with a camp site on the right - stay on the track soon passing a sign which says "Do not enter - dangerous for cars" - the track hugs the coast and there are some really good views to the sea below. Simply stay on the track as it undulates along next to the coastline - around 1.5 km from the start you pass a spring - there are also view points and some seats provided along here. The track drops down closer to the shoreline and levels out - you can see various coves and beaches which are well worth a visit by just diverting off the main track.
Around 6.5km from the start you come to a big track junction - go right to soon reach Fontana Amorosa (the fountain of love) - this is singularly unimpressive - there is just a sign and in the ground a covered shaft about the size of a manhole cover. However there is an excellent view of the Bay itself which makes up for the love bit. Continue following the track staying close to the sea - there is a military danger sign telling you not to pick up guided missiles etc. - keep going along as near to the sea as possible.

You again pass several sandy/stony bays and also a heap of brown rust which is apparently a ship-wreck. The area really opens out and it is worthwhile diverting to look at the shoreline - the dark brooding rocks of Cape Akamas (Arnaoutis) are ahead of you - just keep going to finally arrive at the cliff edge (about 9km from the start). Continue the walk by rejoining the original inbound track but soon at a track fork take the right hand track - this shrub lined track heads slightly more inland but eventually rejoins the outgoing track just before reaching Fontana Amorosa. Continue past the "love fountain" to soon reach the large track junction. Here take the track heading directly inland - this is signposted "To Neo Chorio" and immediately starts climbing up into the hills - passing a large goat station on the right as it does so. The surface is poor to walk on as it's extremely dusty and very loose i.e. slippery.
Just as you think you have finished climbing you have to descend a little and then start climbing up again. Keep climbing to finally reach the top - this is a dusty climb of around 2km in all with a height gain of around 200 metres and quite exhausting especially in hot weather. When you reach a track junction turn left along a now red coloured surface - the track continues to climb (another 100 metres of climbing yet...) along the ridge - there are great views of the coast on the left and you can see Moutti tis Sotiras looming ahead. Stay on the track until it reaches the top of the ridge - about 1.7kms - then at the junction turn left onto a track marked "Pyrgos tis Rigainas" .Now descending at last - keep right at the next track junction and then bear right again at another junction - now following the yellow arrows of the Aphrodite's Trail.
You soon come to a clearing dominated by a huge oak tree - the Pyrgos tis Rigainas abbey ruins are on the right. There are seats around the tree and also a spring nearbye. From here leave the clearing on the left taking the marked Aphrodite's Trail.
The path bends slightly to the left and then hooks sharply to the right and then starts to descend. The path is quite difficult to walk on in places since it is quite rock strewn and also slippery with scree in places. Eventually the path widens and becomes more level and you can see the way ahead for quite some distance. Continue along now with lots of trees either side - around 2 KMs from the oak tree take a marked path on the left - this path winds round the hill and soon you get a view of the camp site (by a seat) - the path is quite rubbly underfoot and narrow. It dives back on a hook and you need to take care just here because the surface is really slippery and the path is virtually non-existent for a few metres quite nice drop below you.

After the hook the path ascends slightly - just at the top look out for a path down on the left - the path on the right is possible to use but not easy at all because of rocks and thorns. Continue down the zig zag to soon meet the original outbound track. Turn right and walk back to the car park.

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