Baths of Aphrodite in Cyprus - an excellent circular walk using the Aphrodite Trail.

A very scenic walk in Cyprus from the Baths of Aphrodite partially going along the Aphrodite Trail.

 This walk is on one of Cyprus's famous hiking trails - there is a steep climb and descent and plenty of great views. With a walking distance of around 8 kilometres the total climb is around 350 metres.
The walk starts from the large car park at the Baths of Aphrodite (there is a cafe/restaurant nearbye and also a stall selling cold drinks and snacks here). The walk is fairly difficult because of the climb and descent - underfoot the surface is often very rocky and also can be slippery due to the scree. Therefore in our view this should really be walked in decent boots and not flip-flops. and remember to take drinks and maybe a picnic since it gets really hot at times out amongst the rocks
Walk out of the car park passing the small kiosk/shop on the left - continue onto the dusty dirt track - this goes slightly up to start with then twists left by a sign "To Fontana Amorosa". Continue along with a camp site on the right - stay on the track soon passing a sign which says "do not enter - dangerous for cars" - the track hugs the coast and there are some good views of the sea below. Watch out for a small marked path on the left after about 1km - it's just as the main track starts to descend. The path goes fairly level along the hillside - ignore a path joining from the right and just stay on the main path which soon passes a view point with a seat on the left. The path starts to climb up the side of the hill and really good views of the Akamas Peninsula and it's various small beaches come into view. After a while things become steeper as the path changes into a zig zag - keep going ever up to eventually arrive near the top of the climb where there are two seats at a view point.

Continue along the now much flatter path and soon reach a signpost - go right here to go on up to the top of Moutti tis Sotiras - this is at a height of 363 metres and the view are brilliant (be very careful near the edge since the rock is very fragile). Walk back down to the signpost, turn right onto a track - this descends fairly steeply - just before the bottom take a marked track going off to the left (marked with a yellow arrow). This soon joins another track - stay ahead and follow this main track - turn right at the next track junction and then walk down to pass the ruined abbey of Pyrgos tis Rigainas on the right and then on to a clearing.
There is a huge oak tree here and several seats as well as a spring and is an ideal and cool spot for a bite to eat and a drink. This clearing is a main "trails and track" junction and you can walk all over the Akamas from this spot.
From the oak tree the Aphrodite Trail is marked and leaves from the left of the clearing (i.e. do not cross over the dip by the spring). The quite rough path is rock strewn and the surface is an orange/red colour - the path starts to descend ever more steeply as it heads towards the coast - in places you really do have to be careful not to slip on the rubble. The path widens and becomes more level and you can see the way ahead for quite some distance.

Continue along now with lots of trees either side - around 2 KMs from the oak tree take a marked path on the left - this path winds round the hill and soon you get a view of the camp site (by a seat). The path is quite rubbly underfoot and narrow - it dives back on a hook and you need to take a lot of care just here because the surface is really slippery and there is a quite nice drop below you. After the hook the path ascends slightly - just at the top look out for a path down on the left - the path on the right is possible to use but not easy at all because of rocks and thorns.

Continue down the zig zag to soon meet the original outbound track. Go right and look out for a turnstile which leads you to the Bath of Aphrodite and it's spring. From here follow the path in company with the day trippers and coach parties back to the car park.
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