Cyprus Avakas Gorge - a circular walk passing through this beautiful Gorge.

Rocks and water everywhere within Avakas Gorge.

A scenic walk along the fairly rugged and somewhat watery Avakas Gorge in Cyprus.

The Peninsula has lots of trail and path hiking available to use - these walks are circular and are close too or visit Lara Turtle Beach and other beaches and involve either Avakas Gorge or the famous Cyprus Baths of Aphrodite. Although these walks are circulars you do probably require a hire-car or some means of transport to get to the start points in order to have enough time to enjoy the fairly long and in some cases quite difficult and strenuous walks. Then once finished walking you will be able to have sufficient time to get easily along to your favourite Cyprus beach. After all this is Cyprus and there are beautiful beaches all over the island requiring you to have a little bit of global warming on your various bits.

At around 14kms this walk goes up the gorge, circles back via tracks. Consider the weather i.e. rain - this is a wet gorge, narrow in places - a sudden downpour could create fast running water. No real climbs involved but clambering over the sometimes large rocks can make the going hard.
A Gorgeous Goat, Cyprus's Avakas Gorge Black pigs in the Gorge, Avakas, Cyprus

Avakas Gorge Circular Walk - Cyprus.

The main hazards on this walk are firstly - not getting run over by jeep safari vehicles as you walk on the track to the entrance of the gorge. Secondly you need to check how much water is in the river at the start. If the water is running very fast and/or is deep then probably further up the gorge it will not be very easy or even possible to get right through since the gorge is very narrow in places and you often have to walk in the river. Thirdly and for the previous reason if it looks like - or is - raining, and finally we found many of the rocks to be very slippery underfoot so this walk is really best done in walking boots.
Note the 7km walk from the top of the gorge back round is quite tough especially if the weather is particularly hot - you do need to have plenty of water with you at this stage of the walk. If in doubt it is better to just return back down the gorge rather than continue with the circular walk - this also is applicable if have difficulty in finding the path out from the head of the gorge. The gorge has some very large rocks and sometimes scree as well as trees and bushes etc. so a certain amount of ingenuity can be required to get past some parts of it. We did not see one snake but probably they were around somewhere - we saw lots of birds and lizards - even more goats and towards the end of the gorge some free-range black pigs.
Finally and just to emphasise again - this is a rugged gorge and walking through it can be hazardous - it has high cliffs and is often narrow - therefore you should always be aware of the possibility of rocks falling down from on high. Particularly if walking the gorge alone it's a good idea to let someone know this in case of problems.

Getting to the start. The excellent Cyprus gorge is located on the southern end of Cyprus's Akamas Peninsula. A small road goes off to the right just before you reach Agios Georgious - it is tarmac to start with and then becomes quite rubbly - drops down steeply on concrete and then swings sharp left to pass a taverna. The road then becomes track and is full of quite deep potholes - but you soon come to a parking area on the right from where the Gorge is signposted.

Distant photo of the Akamas Gorge, CyprusThe rugged Avakas Gorge in CyprusWalk up the track heading inland following the signs, keep left at the fork and going upwards then just before reaching a taverna go right and soon arrive at another small parking area. Follow the track which heads left and goes down into the gorge entrance. As you near the actual gorge entrance the track becomes a path (so no more jeeps thank goodness) - soon you are walking in the river - be careful since the stones are really slippery here.
Now the walk is quite straightforward - follow the path - often in the river - the gorge gets really narrow in places and sometimes you have to go either side of the river to get through because of really large rocks as well as the vegetation.
Cyprus - Avakas GorgeGorge - CyprusAvakas CyprusCyprus - water in the gorge Avakas
Avakas Gorge waterfallThe Gorgeous Avakas Gorge on Cyprus. However you should never need to be very far from the actual river i.e. no need to climb up the scree etc. The gorge is really great to walk through, with lots of trees and shrubs and where the river forms pools in amongst the rocks it is really beautiful. There are plenty of birds flying around and millions of lizards too - if you are really fortunate though what there are not plenty of are other people walking - so it is pretty peacefull in it's own way.
Once the gorge starts to widen out again there are various cairns which help with navigation - but the fact still remains that you never have to be very far from the river and sometimes have to still walk in it.

Eventually you come across a rusty wrecked vehicle on the left of the path - the trees and shrubs are even thicker round here and with the river and it's pools the whole area is just brilliant. A little further along you should pass a trig point (no.48) and shortly after this a narrow path on the right leads up not too steeply out of the gorge.
Once at the top bear left and walk along the edge of the gorge heading for the gorge's head. You soon see various ruined buildings in front of you and also across the gorge on the left high up on the hillside two tracks are visible - the aim is to get to the higher of these tracks since this will be the return route.
Avakas gorge on CyprusRocks and more rocks in the Gorge, Cyprus - Cypruson Cyprus
Avakas Cyprusgorges - CyprusHead towards the ruined building (which was possibly once an old mill?) and passing near a small-holding on the way. Just after going by the mill a track starts - and this soon reaches a dirt road. Turn left and follow the dirt road - passing more stone buildings and animal pens - to soon join the Kato Arodes - Lara track. Turn left now heading towards Lara - the gorge is now way below on the left. Simply stay on the track as it rises to a high point. Ignore a track going off to the right and just keep going along on the same track eventually walking by a small goat station (which is on the right). The sea is now in sight and the track simply continues slowly downwards through Pegeia Forest.
There are various side tracks but just stay always on the main track to eventually arrive back on the coast road. Turn left and follow the coast road all the way back to the start point.
A beautiful Cyprus GorgeGorge walk on CyprusGorge circular - CyprusCyprus
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