Cyprus Archaeological Sites - visiting Episkopi and Paphos.

Photos from Archaeological Sites around the Episkopi area of Cyprus.

Below are some photos taken in the Pafos and Episkopi area of Cyprus from several of their large archaeological sites which we enjoyed walking around whilst on holiday on Cyprus. Entry to them is really inexpensive - around 70 cents to 150 cents and you do get a lot for your money. One thing to think of - take a bottle of water with you when walking around particularly some of these sites - the Paphos archaeological site is huge and quite exposed as is the Kourion (which is located just outside Episkopi) since it gets pretty warm on these extensive sites and there is very little shade available.

These photos above and below were taken of the Kolossi and it's immediate surrounds - located near Episkopi.

The next series below were taken at The Kourion which is also located near Episkopi, Cyprus.

The six photos below were taken at the Sanctuary of Apollo in Cyprus

- this is part of the Kourion but is a separate site and located a little way out on the Episkopi to Pafos road.

The pictures shown below were all taken at the extensive Pafos Archaeological Site, Paphos Cyprus.

The first five are from around Saranda Kolones which is a ruined castle.

The second 6 photos are of some of the mosaics and the remaining photos in this sequence hopefully give an idea of just how much there is to see at this excellent Cyprus archaeological site.

These next 18 photos were taken at Cyprus's Tomb of the Kings

- this extensive burial site is located on the edge of Pafos Town just off the Paphos to Coral Bay coast road.
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