Cyprus Island Walking Trails.

A variety of nice walks in forests, mountains and around the Cyprus Coast.

Cyprus is an excellent Island to go too for enjoying some walks whilst on holiday - with quite often the opportunity to visit and enjoy some of the Cyprus's great beaches during the walks. We have created instructions with lots of descriptive pictures for quite a few walks which are summarised below and will take you onto the relevant page topics. Whilst out walking we found that having a decent hat, good walking boots as well as plenty of water with you was essential - for instance out on the Akamas Peninsula or in the Troodos Mountains there are not exactly a lot of cafes or facilities around and the areas are quite exposed.

None of our described Cyprus Troodos Walks could be considered particularly strenuous from a climbing point of view but perhaps more so due to the distance especially if the weather is particularly hot. Incidentally we did not consider vertigo to be of any significance on these walks. One advantage of walking in Cyprus and when up in the Troodos Mountains - especially in the Summer - is that the temperature in the mountains is considerably lower than that found down near the coast and beaches - we left a 28 degree day in Pafos and once we were up into the Troodos Mountains we were hiking in around 17 degrees. Of course it then follows that you should recognise that these are mountains and you should have the necessary clothng with you in case of a sudden weather change.

One of the Cyprus walks mentioned below takes you into and through a lovely gorge - however it should be remembered that rock fall is always a possibility when gorge-walking.

In addiition a carefull note of actual and possible weather conditions should be taken i.e. recent rain can make a gorge such as the Avakas fill up in no time. This means possibly dangerously very fast moving and deep water which carries all sorts of debris from tree branches to even small rocks. Finally it does no harm to tell someone about where you intend to be walking if this will be somewhere potentially hazardous or remote - and if you do this then of course let them know should you return.

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