Cyprus Beaches - some of the beaches to try out on the Island..

Beaches to use whilst on holiday in Cyprus including Limassol - Paphos, Coral Bay, Lara Bay and beaches around the Akamas Peninsula including Polis.

On this Cyprus beaches guide there are sometimes comments about some of the beaches i.e. whether they are clean, if the sea is good, facilities etc. As far as Cyprus beaches which are ok for naturists we did not find any "official" Cyprus naturist beaches. However out on the Akamas Peninsula there are plenty of beaches both tiny and quite large and often quite deserted so that stripping off for a bit of sunbathing, swimming and walking was quite possible if you wanted to do this. There really are a variety of beaches from great long bays through to small coves on Cyprus - some beaches are sandy and others shingle.
Most of these Cyprus Beach photos were taken during our various walks on the island (there is information on our walks to be found via our Cyprus Walks and Photos Guide. In fact some of these Cyprus beaches are only accessible by not too well surfaced dirt tracks - but of course it can be very enjoyable in simply wandering around exploring coastlines on paths and tracks and then discovering your own isolated tiny cove or beach. For instance the Akamas Peninsula is reached by a fantastically cratered rough track - although curiously the further along you go the better it gets - probably after a couple of kilometres of being bounced around car drivers give it up so the surface takes less of a hammering. However it is possible to drive the track in an ordinary car as long as you take it very easy.
Note there are no photos on our web site which are unsuitable for viewing by anyone of any age - just various photographs showing off some of Cyprus's great holiday beaches.
This first set of photos show Cyprus beaches which are located just before Coral Bay and then on up the left or west side of the Akamas Peninsula. There is a restaurant/cafe at Lara Bay and another restaurant just as you drive into the Peninsula - after that there are no facilities at all - no cafes, ice cream men let alone beach chairs or umbrellas for hire - just lovely Cyprus beaches. There is another large and really nice sandy bay after Lara Bay which is another turtle beach - then as you go on up if you sidetrack off the main dirt road there are small usually shingle beaches to be found. Apart from the jeeps passing by on the dirt road there are very few people up here - you can easily find your own spot if you wish. We have not named most of these beaches since we could not find names for them.

Agios Georgios beach
- sandy with some facilities

Meleti area - it''s as you go onto the Peninsulat

Beach by carpark near one end of Akamas Gorge.

Lara Bay turtle beach. Wide expanse of sand.

Un-named beach - mostly sand, no facilities, waves.

Further up much more sea-weedy

Various beach-lets

Various beaches - usually empty

Tiny shingle beach

Akamas shingle beach

Akamas coast beach

Akamas Kioni Beach

Pafos Municipal beach

Municipal beach near the lighthouse

Pafos beach near
the harbour

Coral Bay. Very popular
sandy beach

Coral Bay - plenty of parking and facilities

Beach nr Coral Bay -
wild and woolly
The beach on the near left is just before the Coral Bay turn off. Sand and shingle. A few sun-chairs. If the waves are medium / high it's dangerous to swim due to bad currents

Akamas Peninsula Beaches on Cyprus.

The Akamas Peninsula is full of beaches - and they are mostly easily accessible. These below are from the right hand side or eastern side - showing several beaches from Pomis up through Lakki and Polis (picture right) and then onto the Peninsula. We could not satisfactorily photo and therefore show the beaches north of the Baths of Aphrodite - there are quite a few though - some sand but mostly shingle. They are mostly quite small and generally deserted with maybe just the odd fisherman around - there are certainly no facilities up in this area. You are not meant to drive up this side of Akamas Peninsula according to the signs not least because of the poor state of the tracks - we walked of course which apart from cycling is the best way to see and explore places.

Lakki beach.
Full facitlities and quite a popular beach

Lakki beach - consists mostly of sand but some shingle

Lakki beach
- additionaly there is a
nice harbour one end

Cape Akamas
just what beaches should be - wild.

Two photographs of Cyprus's Pomis Beach are shown on the right.
These beaches generally consist of heavy shingle but there are a few sandy bits here and there. There is a small harbour and restaurant and sunbeds are available for hire.

Cape Akamas - Fontana Amorosa Bay - you can just see the small coves in the bay - deserted of course. From north of Polis up to Pomis is mostly just long shingle beach - the main road is often fairly close so getting onto the shingle is no problem.

This whole stretch is of course mostly deserted so stripping off should be ok where the road is not too close if you wish but there are much better beaches on Cyprus for nudists to use.
These photos on the right and below are of some of the Cyprus beaches which can be found around Episkopi and up the coast towards Pafos.

The first photo (on the right) was taken at Lady's Mile Beach. The beach is sandy but quite open, most people that were around there were mostly at either end but otherwise it was quite empty. Didn't particularly like it much there somehow - far too sort of open.

Curium Beach. Popular beach with facilities

Avdimou Bay. A quiet
beach, has a cafe

Pissouri Bay. Sand & shingle - in the town and busy

Petra tou Romiou Beach

The photos last above right and those on the left are at Petra tou Romiou, another Aphrodite spot
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