Cyprus Miliou Walk - a good Circular jaunt with descriptive Photos.

Miliou via Theletra circular walk on Cyprus via several villages.

Total walking distance of around 10kms. This Cyprus walk creates a circular walk from Miliou to the deserted village of Theletra. This is a much harder walk involving some quite steep climbs on tracks - especially if the weather on the day of the walk is particularly hot which can make walking conditions very dusty in places. Decent walking boots seems to us to be quite essential and also is it important to have a good supply of water with you. There are a few photos included which even if you don't particularly go hiking might be of interest if you plan to go out sightseeing on Cyprus.

How to Get There. Take the B7 Pathos to Polis road, continue on past Stroumpi, then Gioliou and then take the turn off marked to Miliou. Just after passing Agiol Anarygroi on the left the road crosses a bridge and then just on the right there is a small parking area adjacent to a house (this house actually looks like it should be a byzantine church).
This walk - athough not particularly long distance wise - we found to be quite hard going for three reasons. The walk was quite often on tracks and these in September were pretty hot and very dusty in places - we imagine though that in the Spring time they would be much better. Secondly there are some really steep climbs on the walk, not least the final climb towards the end which was a real knee-acher. Finally navigation - in places there were tracks shooting off in all directions and we sometimes spent some time deciding which was the correct way and did take the wrong track for a few 100 metres several times. Hopefully our information (plus a few photos) below will make this a lot of easier for anyone who does this walk. Walk back along the road crossing the bridge and then passing the junction to the hotel - as the road starts to bend left carry straight on on a concrete track. Soon at a track junction take the dirt track on the right which heads down into the Neradhes Valley.

Cross the stream bed and then follow the track as it bears right and starts climbing. Ignore a track on the left and then another on the right - the track climbs up bending to the left as it does so and reaches a high point.. The track then starts to descend and reaches a multi track junction - this is just over a kilometre from the stream bed. Ignore the tracks off to the right and also one dropping steeply back on the left - instead follow the main track as it curves to the left and starts to descend into the valley.
The track is really nice along here with good views of the valley - it soon passes between a more cultivated area full of grape vines, fruit and almond trees. At a t-junction bear right - now with the river bed a little down on the left. Stay on the track and follow the stream - ignore a smaller track going up ahead, instead follow the main track round to the left to reach and then cross the stream. The track now follows the stream bed and is quite a wet area where there are a lot of reeds and grasses growing - also a popular area for many small birds. Ignore a small track going off to the right (however maybe have a quick look down it since it goes to the stream bed). Continue along the main track which now goes uphill and then bends to the right - ignore a track on the left.
Eventually the track goes sharply back on itself on a hairpin and commences to climb quite steeply. There are views of the distant mountains and hills as well as the valley. Eventually the deserted village of Theletra appears ahead of you. Stay on the main track as it winds round the hillside and then climbs up to meet the tarmac road just at the right hand side of Theletra.
There are excellent views back down the valley from the village. Turn left to walk the short distance into Theletra and have a look round. This probably a good point to stop for lunch - their are several sets of concrete steps around to sit on. Walk back along the road and pass the track where you originally came in - less than a kilometre from the village and on a sharp bend a track goes off on the right (in effect straight ahead). The initially concrete but soon dirt track heads along slowly dropping and with a nice looking gorge on the right. Drop down to pass farm buildings and ignore all side tracks to reach a track junction at the head of the gorge. Go right and follow the track as it climbs up now with the hillside on your left and good views of the gorge to the right.
Go right at the next fork and follow the main track - ignore a track going to the right - this simply goes to a rocky outcrop. Continue going round the hillside and then at the next track fork keep left and which rises up and with a field on the right. Stay on this main track soon passing vineyards on the right to arrive at another main track fork - this time fork right and follow this track as it stays fairly level to bend right and pass a stone hut on the left and between more vineyards. The track simply goes around the farm and then returns to the main track - turn right here - the track starts to descend and be careful since the surface is extremely rough underfoot. Cross over the dip and then commence up the other side - this climb really does hurt your legs since although it is only around 350 metres in length it rises 50 metres. There are quite a few tracks joining at the top of this short climb but now at last the climbs on the walk are about finished.
Ignore the track going off sharp left but take the next left (this is almost straight ahead in fact). This track goes down hill - passes some stone huts on the left and continues with vineyards either side. At a track junction keep right and continue downwards now with telegraph poles either side.

The track is initially part dirt and part concrete then eventually does just become mostly concrete once it really starts to drop down. Around 2 kilometres from the previous high point the track joins the tarmac road on the outskirts of Miliou. Turn right and follow th road - going past houses many of which have nice flowers in their fronts. The road hooks back and goes through pine trees where there are quite a few small villas to arrive back at the start point.
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