Mount Olympos Walk at Troodos in Cyprus

An excellent and scenic walk going up to Mount Olympos and returning back to Troodos.

There is plenty of parking available at the large car park which is located at the northern end of Troodos [N34 55'20.64" E032 52'46.74"]. Opposite the car park there is a large building which is the OTE exchange and behind this is an information board which shows the route of the Atalante Nature Trail - the walk starts from here.
Follow the trail as it descends slowly through pine trees and then loops right alongside a stream bed - a large hotel can be seen high above on the right. The trail just loops back on itself and runs along the opposite side of the stream bed. The path becomes much narrower and becomes quite stoney underfoot - you can see the Visitors centre below on the left and then the valley. This is now simply a case of following the path as it bears right round the hillside.
Around 2.5kms from the start you come to an open area with a seat - really good views from here. Ignore a wide trail going to the right, instead simply keep to the narrower path which passes to the right of the seat. The path continues wandering along with the hillside on the right and then around starts to curve round to the right after passing a spring. Around 2kms from the seat the path goes quite sharply to the right - now passing through lots of pine trees and with a gorge on the left. (You can in fact also see your eventual onward path on the far side of the gorge.) A little way along the path widens considerably and then soon passes the tunnel entrance of Hadjipavlou Chromide Mines - this is not blocked off but be wary about going in very far.
Shortly after the mine the path doubles back on itself as it crosses the river and then commences to wander along the other side of the gorge, climbing slightly as it does so. Around 1.5km from the river you emerge on another open area where again there is a seat and really good views of the countryside below. From here the path turns sharply right and then continues along still with the hillside on the right - to finally reach a road after about 3kms.
You need to be particularly careful on one area of the path which is really slippery underfoot because of the scree. At the road turn right and follow it uphill - going past the ski lifts on the right - then about 400 metres along the road lookout for a s sign on the right by some steps which directs you to a large tree.

Follow this path to the tree and then go left - now on the Artemis Trail. The trail gently rises and passes under another ski lift - to eventually arrive at the road. Opposite is a parking area, information board and is the continuation of the Artemis Trail. However turn right up the road now heading towards Olympos. A little way up the road it is possible to cut the corners through the woods - there are usually cars driving up and down so it is easy to see a point to aim at. At the top are the entrances to the Cypriot military camps and also quite possibility an ice cream van.

You can get a little higher by walking straight ahead up to the British Military camp gates where probably the guard will be happy to have a chat for five minutes. Walk back down the road to arrive at the parking area - turn right and pick up and continue along the Artemis Trail. Soon at a fork take the left hand trail (marked) which stays fairly level and widens as it goes through fir trees, then around 480m from the previous junction fork left again on a track which then becomes really rocky. This track goes fairly straight for a while and then starts to wind round to the left. Look for the start of another track below and on the left - this is quite hard to see because of the rock and debris but does become clearer to see.

Scramble down onto this track and continue along soon descending quite steeply - the hillside is on your left and fir trees and a considerable drop are on the right. The track comes back to join the original outbound Atalante Trail - turn left and retrace your steps back to Troodos car park.
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