Trooditissa Circular Walk at Troodos in Cyprus.

This figure of eight shaped Troodos Mountains walk starts at Cyprus's Trooditissa Monastery, undulates over around 20kms and could be considered mildly strenuous only because of the distance.

There is in fact only the one short steep climb to really bother your knees on this walk. Incidentally there are a number of cafes to chose from once you get as far as Prodhromos. Getting to the Start of the walk at Trooditissa Monastery: The monastery is located on the road between Platres and Troodos and is clearly signposted - there is a large car park just outside the Monastery's main gate.
Walk through the main gate and continue along with the outside walls of the monastery on the left - carry on straight ahead and pass through another gate which brings you onto a track. Ignore a track on the right - simply keep walking along as the track winds round through trees - you can just about see parts of Trooditissa Monastery in places. As the track continues - now bending slowly right around the hillside you get excellent views into the valleys and can see Foini below you. Around 1km from the start do not take the track going off to the right (note you come back on this on the return route - eventually.) and also ignore shortly afterwards another track going off to the left which goes (and is signposted) to Fioni.
The track winds round and eventually comes to a open area with a water tank - this is now around 3.5kms from the monastery. Take the track on the right (marked Prodhromos) and follow this always upwards (it's not particularly steep - just constant) - ignore any sidetracks - to reach a camping area around 2.5kms from the water tank. Pass the campsite to reach the main road and a very large picnic area - Kampi Kalogirou. [N34 55'38.10" E032 49'55.32"]
Cross the main road and take a path leaving almost opposite which is clearly marked "Prodhromos 4km". This starts off with a really steep climb and winds round to meet another track. Turn left here - a little way along ignore a track going off to the left signposted Asprokremnos but at the next track junction take the left track which starts to descend. Stay on this track soon passing a large water tank - the track goes through pine forest and then eventually becomes much rougher underfoot.
Eventually Prodhromos comes into view and you can also see what appears to be a castle sat above the village but this is in fact the ruins of the Hotel Berengaria looming above the village.
You then arrive at a very steep scree descent which has to be crossed over - this only goes on for a short distance but is quite horrible to traverse - once over this you come out on a tarmac road. Turn right and follow the road which circles round to the right side of the village and then joins the main f295 road. Turn left and follow this main road on down into the village and it's "roundabout [N34 56'59.16" E032 49'56.70"] - there are cafes and things all round here. If you go to the right of the Over Hill restaurant a narrow road takes you up to front of the now ruined hotel. Note when we visited Prodhromos this was marked as "no entry" so naturally we did not go up and have a look!. The Hotel Berengaria must have been really impressive at one time.
Facing the Over Hill restaurant, take a cobbled path on the left which take you quite steeply down to a small road - cross the road and continue on down passing houses on both sides. Keep straight ahead at a junction passing by houses and extensive fruit orchards - the initially concreted track soon changes to dirt - keep and eye out for the frequent small water tanks which are used to irrigate the fruit trees and grape vines. The track eventually leaves the fruit growing area and continues along now through pine trees.
Cross a quite muddy stream on a sharp bend and then half a kilometre from there take the left hand track at a fork - this rises slowly up.At the next track junction around 650 metres take the right hand fork which descends to soon reach another stream bed and a spring. Continue on the track ignoring any side tracks to reach the Kampi Kalogirou picnic site after around another kilometre. Turn right and follow the main road towards Trooditissa - around 750 metres from the picnic site and on a sharp bend take a track which drops off on the right and is signposted Trooditissa 3km. Follow this track as it descends through pines - the track is generally ok but in several places rocks have fallen onto it, Perhaps in early spring this could be a problem since you can clearly see where really heavy rock falls have occurred and been subsequently bulldozed away. Follow the track on down to reach the original outbound track. Turn left and walk back to the monastery.
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